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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 14, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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neighboring home had to be evacuated. outside lance golden
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gate park concert with last year's was lower-than-expected. this will shorten by day ticket price reduced. rockers pump up the crowd a golden gate problem >> tens of thousands of people enjoying a diversified of of musicians. for rock to hip-hop. >> it's a great festival i'm really enjoying it. >> a fun time for the concertgoers, but not so much for people who live next to the park. >> the park all of the neighborhood. in behalf of the leave and come home late you can find parking. >> neighbors say tried to find a parking spot is a major challenge. this man said the parking issue-appeared dampened the birthday party he was
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hosting. some guess what home because they couldn't find parking. >> it went around the neighborhood to three blocks could find a thing, so they just gave up. that was too bad. >> to avoid dealing with the problem. some people are not moving their cars this weekend. >> last year despite part to my neighbor's driveway got a ticket. like it's not you can depart in your neighborhood. so we decided we just go parkin walk around this weekend. >> neighbor set aside from parking they don't mind the concert. >> well it's going to be cloudy cool for the concert for tomorrow. but the fog in the morning. the fog is going to stick around the afternoon. some bright sunshine. around 60 degrees. those reeves' fallen to mid 50's by 8:00 p.m.. a round of day today mild day.
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'60s and '70s everywhere. the best of it eighties in fairfield antioch. were typically 10 degrees warmer than that right now. 62 san francisco, continues our cool july august weather. ford's more much more of the same. was a review expected to top of the '60s '70s. a few degrees warmer in some places. then getting up into the upper 80s and possible '90s for monday. but the fog should clearly more quickly. looking at warmer weather. but as we go into next week, it's going to stay in the cool side. ullage know what to expect from of later on. >> walking across the golden gate bridge to cost you money. they are considering a sidewalk access fee. for pedestrians of people on bikes. money raised will help pay off the budget deficit. the red the golden gate
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bridge today to seek your people had to say. >> is los recognize attractions the world, constant stream of people walk across a all day every day. >> i counted 600 people walked in on this bridge on a typical day in the summer. >> member of the bridge border directors say there's 10 million cyclists and markers going cross annually. could raise more money annually. >> this is the golden gate bridge, it needs to be maintained. we've 250 cameras alone on the bridge, we have security with a fire with police. we support people crossing the bridge of a safeway. by scars of walking. >> proposal is in its early stages, there's no discussion on how much the toll would be. or when it would be implemented. the board feels it would be another source to help offset
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costs putting up netting and service a buyer. >> i don't like it, i think it's appalling. it should be an activity that's free. >> we are to pay for parking. we dedicated drive down here. it's not fair. >> this is something they've to joy, a surprising that it's free to begin with. but i it's almost expected ford not to be free. >> this bridge is always been free to cross and it should stay that way. it said francisco golden gate bridge. >> man responsible for fatal hit-and-run incident. about 11:00 last night 38 year-old man driving a mercedes, hidden kill the 21 year-old man. was that would end with witnesses, police were able to track down the car couple blocks away. driver
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charged with the killer manslaughter. >> update on prop. 8, attorney general round along with supporters of same-sex marriage have now formally filed motions to allow couples to marry beginning right away. as a stance now couples after week to wednesday night. supporters of prop. 8 have until 9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. monday to appeal. >> coming up debate what has the crowd on its feet. and after being closed for a decade the start they're building a one a space city opens with a lot of fans. >> what slow cloudiness coming into the bay tonight, let to know when no clear come next. >>
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c,gv)+pvz?fç chios
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people until tn held a memorial to bart shooting grant today. artists and wrap the said that they wanted to honor them hit honor him with about music
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and art. >> it's important that we work together to do collaborative projects, and this is around oscar grant a particular because it's a tragedy of justice. and were still working together tried to keep awareness around the case of oscar grant. and make sure that justice is served. >> and there is a mural that we're talking about that attracted a lot of interest today people stop by the target is a distrust the day. still ahead will have details on who won the game. well here's something you don't see every day >> we have some warmer temperatures in the next few days. of i about that coming up.
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well here's the golden gate bridge, and we have some fog out there this evening. some
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drizzle. the fog is pushing inland. temperatures in the '50s everywhere. 61 degrees event beyond. san francisco 56. we reached a high of 62 date. continuing this long stretch of cool not summerlike weather. for tomorrow, we will remain the same in this cool weather pattern. 6:00 a.m. look for temperatures in the '50s in the light blue. warming up slowly. the fog is going to be slow to clear. look for a lot 60s bayside '60s at the coast '70s of the south bay. ms. eighties popping up in the east bay inland valleys. when is a good clear. it began its could be slowed a clear about nine to 10:00 in the east bay. all of a clock for redwood city's san jose. maybe until the afternoon hours around 2:00 p.m., before
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the clubs give away the said sunshine in san francisco. mostly cloudy conditions all day long. temperatures in the '70s for the north bay. they're filled and reaching 81 degrees. 62 again in san francisco, 74 san mateo lots of gray skies in the morning for hayward in castro valley. but tender love o'clock with high in the upper 60s. upper '70s a low eighties east bay in land values. antioch 85 degrees. look for sunshine 75 santa clara cooper attended the san jose. here's the seven days around the bay. and we do get warmer monday. looks like a fog and the cooler the coast will become more shallow. temperatures will go up perhaps of brady's low 90s for
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monday inland upper 60s '70s in the bay but the fog comes back in. that's the key villain temperatures for the rest of the weight next week, pretty much in the mid '80s. mid to upper 60s. kathryn >> the napa county fair is going on this weekend along with a ride to livestock, is another tried and true american tradition, the demolition derby. >> it was good clean fun, on the muddy track of the grandstand every at the napa county fairgrounds. the drivers lined up to take their cars into the competition. there for keeps, and drivers tried to do as much damage other urged vehicles as possible. if these results are blessed are standing moves on. this is a labor of love for these automotive team, that
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spends calloused hours and thousands of dollars to compete for the grand prize of $1,400. it's not much but if you ask any one of these drivers it's a labor of love. as for the cars it's what the old machines are destined for. the competition will continue through the weekend, the winner will be crowned on this muddy track on sunday night. >> piece of architectural history reopened today after being closed for nearly a c,gv)+pvz#f look to the newly renovated in richmond plunge. swác c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz4no carrierringc
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>> we would like to restore hope. to get this project going. and get the plants reopened. that's what everyone wanted. it was incredibly popular. >> so those chosen to work on the restoration. and >> to be fun for the kids to play, the waterfall lawyer around it. >> we have been asking for any
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kind donations. and i was also working with people with the right heart. >> after nine years people with the right part but mix of all the new has emerged. >> this is the original clock it's going to go back up there on the wall. it has been fully restored. >> it's a wonderful event bland, stated the art and new technology. we call this the healthiest and green is pool in the country. >> while the windows up with nt c,d] pool is heated chain polls, theqc?swá÷oé7élc wá÷oé7élcrn technology. on=÷ c,gv)+pvno carrierringconnect 2
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lot of money on this job. if they did that some news to be. kron4 news. >> in national news the could be next year at the earliest of the gulf leak will be permanently sealed. results are to until monday or tuesday, pushing that completion about the next weekend. president barack obama and his family as you can see are on vacation in the florida panhandle. it isn't a move to encourage people to visit the gulf. there is the president and
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his daughter sasha swimming today. the government's job in tackling the environmental disaster as far from over. four people have been killed four wounded in buffalo and new york, happened early this morning. eight people were leaving a party in a restaurant. the manager had closed early because of argument was inside. that's what a man had been inside kick started shooting. 25 year-old keith johnson was arrested and charged with four counts of of second-degree murder. victims include a man who'd returned to his home town to celebrate his one year anniversary. after the break will talk about the sport's ne and regards the nationa news.
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authorities say that a car ran into a crowd and killed eight people tonight. this is driven
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off road race in the southern california desert. the sheriff's office says that one the car up loss control. and plunge into the crowd. 12 people were injured. allow those people were airlifted to the hospital. near the county lucerne valley. no other details available. >> ludwig as could be up and throwing posey tried to score. the giants win. >> and those that hit the game- winning single that gave the giants to win over the padre's this ties the game series. it continues tomorrow. of course only the giant sucking wind in the last 10 medians against the padres. third game to mar 1 05 and at&t part. the a's lost to the twins in minnesota today.
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major-league records though. he only allowed six hits are fewer. and the story of sacramento tonight. you gotta see this to believe it. >> all my god almighty god. that pours zebra i feel so bad for. >> can you believe it ever average on for ever zebra on the loose in sacramento. there are two of them on the loose, you just see one here. they escaped from their owners on whether were kept as pets. one of the managed to run around for about an hour. individually was found in a pool, in an apartment complex. the second zebra was later injured, was hit by a car, is not is expected to recover and be ok.
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